Enhanced BCP measures in preparation for potential disasters.

Ensuring electricity during power outages

■Emergency generator supplies power for 72 hours

A 9,000 KVA emergency generator ensures power can be supplied for 72 hours even if power to the building is disrupted due to disaster or other causes.

■Up to 20 VA/㎡ of power available for tenant area

(no separate construction required)


Emergency Power Generator

Power supplied within tenant area

◎100 V outlet :  
Up to 20 VA/u available as usual (no separate construction required)

◎Security : Standard building systems available as usual

◎Air conditioning equipment :
Ventilation system operable,
heating and cooling available when DHC is running

Firefighting equipment : Sprinklers and sensors, etc. will operate as usual

◎Mobile phones/common TV :
Available as usual (no separate construction required)

◎Lighting : Emergency lighting, desk lighting available

Power supply to common area

◎Elevator :
One elevator per bank and 2 freight elevators will operate

◎Escalator : Driven as usual

◎Toilet : Available as usual

Firefighting equipment : Indoor fire hydrants, etc. will operate as usual

◎Emergency broadcasting equipment : Available as usual

◎Public telephone : Available as usual

66 KV Loop Power Receiving System as an Emergency Countermeasure

Shiodome City Center uses the safe and reliable 66 KV loop power receiving system.
Power is received from 2 routes to achieve stable power supply.
In case either source is down, power is provided by the other route.

Earthquake-resistant elevator functions

■Cutting-edge earthquake-resistant elevators

One elevator in each of the 4 office banks along with 1 commercial high-rise elevator and 2 freight elevators (7 in total), have been seismically strengthened to the top-rated S09* class. Equipped with earthquake-resistance functions superior to traditional elevators, these elevators are able to resume operations quickly following an earthquake.

*S09 Class refers to the top rating for classification of earthquake resistance under the "Guide to the Design and Construction of Earthquake-resistant Elevators and Escalators” (ed. 2009) established by the Japan Building Equipment and Elevator Center Foundation.

■Countermeasures in the event of long period earthquakes

In the event of a long period earthquake, cables can become entangled and cause elevators to stop functioning. Measures are in place to prevent ropes, control cables and other long objects from becoming entangled.

■ Automated diagnostic and temporary recovery system*

In the event of an emergency shutdown during an earthquake with less than a 5.0 magnitude, an automatic diagnostic system will automatically check for abnormalities and quickly restore function.

*Installed on all 7 elevators above.

Ensuring safety during disasters

■Building Damage Assessment System

Damage measurement devices are installed on multiple floors to promptly assess the damage situation to the building. The data is analyzed to estimate the damage on each floor to provide accurate evacuation guidance and speedy recovery.

■Crisis Management Center assumes the role of “control tower”
in emergencies

To prepare for emergencies, Mitsui Fudosan has set up a Crisis Management Center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of a disaster, it will act as a control center, assessing the situation and assisting in recovery.

Ensuring water supply during water outages

■Water tanks installed to ensure toilets are available during disasters

Water tanks and an emergency power source to run water supply e quipment will be installed, ensuring toilets can be comfortably used for 72 hour s even if public water infrastructure is damaged. A wastewater tank with a 48-hour cap acity will also be installed.


Water tank